Anidzi en Wilde Ganzen

The Anidzi CHPS Compound was started in the year 2010 in a temporal quiet dilapidated structure and is the only health facility that the population rely upon when they are sick for both treatment and emergency cases as well as all health interventions. Over the years no attention was given to elevate the structure which has made it a risky workplace and demoralising to both the nurses and clients who patronise the services provided. The disease conditions that mostly plague the commmunity are malaria, diarrhoea, respiratory tract infections, skin diseases and so on.

In the year 2012, the community on self-help basis started levying households to construct a better CHPS Compound to serve their own health needs. This effort saw the community baking some good number of the building blocks and could not continue due to financial challenges.
The self-help project stalled untill in 2013 when the new nurse, Kaizer Tetteh, took over as in-charge of the facility and sought to create deeper awareness and need to continue to appeal for assistance because the structure had become a death-trap with large cracks in the walls, frequent caving in of the ceiling, leaking roofs when there is downpour, most deplorable was no sleeping place for the nurses and quite a miserable workplace.

The community began levying household in order to start and finish the structure to meet their health needs. The community contribution to aid in the completion of the facility was not enough and this coud not made them achieve their target.

Upon the description foregoing, we are seeking financial assistance to help the people of Anidzi communities to get the CHPS Compound completed to improve on their health status with a place where they can access quality health care and help improve on all the needed indicators in the health sector.